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Lexicon of Law Enforcement Social Media Terms

This lexicon has two purposes.  First, to develop and understand social media terms and abbreviations for practical use by law enforcement personnel.  Secondly, as information for the second edition of Police Technology.  If you would like to add a word, phrase or abbreviation send an email to Editor@Police-Writers.com. The focus is on Twitter abbreviations and Hash Tags. You can also follow the development of this lexicon http://www.twitter.com/policeofficer Finally, a full report on the use of Twitter by law enforcement can be found here: Law Enforcement on Twitter: Who’s Tweeting and What

Hash Tags

Tag Phrase Definition
#Below100 Officer Safety Alert An initiative to lower the Line of Duty Deaths to below 100 per year.
#BodyCam Body Camera Indicates the use of a Body Camera by a police officer
#BOLO Be on the Look Out Used to alert the public and other law enforcement personnel of people or vehicles that are wanted, missing, etc.
#ColdCase Cold Case Used to develop leads in a cold case.
#CRIME Information on a crime Could be used in conjunction with #BOLO, or as information about an arrest, etc.
#CrimePhoto Crime Photograph A photograph released for the purpose of aiding an investigation.
#CrimeSketch Crime Sketch A sketch of a suspect released for purpose of aiding an investigation.
#CrimeVid Crime Video Video of a crime released for purposes of aiding an investigation.
#HiTechCJ Hi Tech Criminal Justice Daily updates on Criminal Justice Issues.
#IOD Injured on Duty Notates a law enforcement official's injury in the performance of their duty.
#LAPD Los Angeles Police Department  
#Lawsuit Law Suit Notates a filed, pending or settled civil action against a law enforcement official or organization.
#LEO Law Enforcement Organization Information about the activities of a law enforcement organization, alternatively, LEO is Law Enforcement Officer
#LET Law Enforcement Training  
#LODD Line of Duty Death  
#MISCONDUCT Misconduct Used in conjunction with law enforcement scandal or misconduct.
#MISSING Missing person.  
#NYPD New York City Police Department  
#Pursuit Pursuit Indicates a a vehicle pursuit by law enforcement officers
#REWARD Reward Used when a reward is offered.
#SMILECon SMILE Conference Information about the Social Media, Internet and Law Enforcement Conference.
#TACOP Thank a Cop  
#UOF Use of Force Used to describe situation where less-lethal force was used
#WANTED Wanted person or vehicle  



Law Enforcement   Twitter
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition    about abt
avail Available   after aftr
BOLO Be on the Look out   are r
Capt Captain   because b/c
COP Chief of Police   before b4
COL Colonel   could cld/cud
CPL Corporal   email Eml
CMDR Commander   forward fwd
desc Description, or described as   for 4
DOA Dead on Arrival   Facebook FB
dept department   into in2
EMT Emergency Medical Technician   it is itz
EOW End of Watch   meeting mtg
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival   million mil
evid Evidence   MySpace MySp
GOA Gone on Arrival   1000 1K
ID Identify (ID'D Identified)    please plz
Inv Investigate, Investigation   people ppl
LT Lieutenant   pounds LBS
ofcr officer   should shld/sld/sud
OIC Officer-in-Charge   to,  too 2
OIS Officer-Involved-Shooting   thanks thx/TY
O/T Overtime   you u
PAL Parolee at Large   your ur
PD police department   with w/
Maj Major   would wld/wud
marj marijuana      
rpt report      
sgt Sergeant      
S/O sheriff's office      
SOW Start of Watch      
STA. Police Station, Precinct, etc.       
susp suspect (in lieu of Perpetrator, offender, etc.)      
TC Traffic Collision      
traff traffic      
UFAP Unlawful flight to Avoid Prosecution      
Univ University      
UTL Unable to Locate      
vict Victim      


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