The latest book from the author of police technology.  The book is on leadership and uses poker as a lens to explore the subject of leadership.

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Who has your Number?

Information about law enforcement officers readily available Online

The Internet is a double edge sword for law enforcement officials. Public records and commercial information has long been used as an investigatory tool by police officers. But, in the past you had to ferret out the information. Trips to court, county hall of records or to the backwards book would give you access to a suspects personal information. Now, that information is readily available online. Except, so is information about police officers.

ZABA is a website that acts as a portal to public and commercial databases. By combing the power of the Internet and relational databases ZABA has made a tremendous amount of information freely available. Indeed, the word ZABA is from the Greek word, "tzaba", meaning "free" or "at no cost." A free search will likely provide your home address, telephone number and possibly your date of birth. And, for a small fee someone can obtain extensive information about you.

Click here to find yourself on ZABA

After you visit the site and found out how much information is available about you and your family, come back and look at several steps you can take to limit the amount of information floating on the net about you

Of course, bookmark ZABA. Its not going away and is an excellent resource for conducting investigations!

About the Author:
Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.) is the author of several books including Police Technology (Prentice Hall, July 2004) and Leadership: Texas Hold 'em Style; as well as numerous articles about law enforcement and technology.