CJM 410 Management of Criminal Justice
Information Systems (Classroom Version)
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Module One

Required Readings:
1. Police Technology
a. Chapter One through Six

Recommended Readings:
1. 800 MHz Public Safety Interference: The Consensus Plan, The Police Chief, Technology Talk, October 2002.
2. Your Source for Law Enforcement IT Guidance, The Police Chief, Technology Talk, May 2003
3. Radio Spectrum, Executive Technology Brief, National Institute for Justice
4. Intranets: A New Tool for Corrections Managers, Ned Benton, Corrections Managers' Report, 1996
5. Introduction to Wireless Data, Broadbeam Corporation, Trenton, New Jersey, 2000

Activities: (Week One)
1. Course Orientation
2. Video History of Police Technology
3. Group Project Selection
4. Selection of individual Issue Papers (2)
5. Selection of Websites for Presentation (2)
6. Assignment of Practical Exercises
7. Lecture

Activities: (Week Two)
1. Individual Website Presentations
2. Online Forum Participation
3. Lecture
4. Exam One

Online Participation Forum Instructions:
Go to the Criminal Justice Online forum and post:

1. Register and create a user name that is your first initial, last name, and the
    word "Union." If I were creating that user name I would be rfosterunion.
2. Click here to find the first threaded discussion assignment.
3. After you have posted, you must respond to a post made by another student or learner.


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